We are specialists for the operation of applications

We are specialists
for the operation of applications

Our team knows exactly the requirements of the individual applications and settings.

Our services

We support you in all questions regarding infrastructure

Digitisation of processes

If you would like to digitize your business processes using an Oracle® or OneStream® product, we will advise you on the appropriate application environment, plan the migration with you and implement it accordingly.

Hosting of your applications

If you want to outsource infrastructure and application operation, we host your application environment in an ISO-certified data centre. You receive an infrastructure tailored to your requirements, including a security concept.

Maintenance of your infrastructure

We maintain your infrastructure and applications over the long term, keeping them trouble-free and constantly adapting them to new developments. We are at your side as a constant contact partner and provide you with comprehensive support.

Your advantages

We offer you comprehensive support

SLA made to measure

Our services consist of a basic set and optional additional services. This means you only receive the services you need and your costs remain plannable.

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Extended accessibility

We are available for our customers on weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00. We are also available outside these hours for emergencies.

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Unique expertise

Our team brings up to 30 years of experience in business application operations, including 15 years in the full lifecycle of Oracle® applications.

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Constant contact persons

Your problem always ends up directly with the expert. No hotline, no bot. We are there for you personally and deal with your request.

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Interface to the manufacturer

We know about the difficulties in technical communication with the manufacturer and mediate for you. This is how we shorten paths and prevent misunderstandings.

Bilingual Support De/En

We support our customers in German and English.

Your advantages

Improve your performance with Managed Services

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Cost reduction

With our application management, we improve your operational efficiency at calculable costs. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum and your business figures are always at hand and up-to-date. We offer individual SLAs based on your actual needs. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities shorten support paths and promote quick solutions.

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Maximum safety

The security of your business data requires the highest priority. We reliably secure your infrastructure against external attacks, monitor your applications 24/7 on request and react immediately in case of emergency. If you are a full-service customer, we host your infrastructure on our servers in the Zurich West data centre. The centre is ISO 27001 certified and has a comprehensive security concept.

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Continuous modernisation

Our management services ensure that you are always up to date in terms of the security and functionality of your application. We keep track of all updates, patch security gaps, install updates and optimise performance for you. This means you benefit promptly from technical innovations and can integrate them into your processes.

Get the better service.

We are at your side as reliable service providers with personal support.