Safety at Metracon

We take a range of measures to reliably secure your business data.

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Basic measures

Our security system is suitable for projects of any size and offers all features for the secure operation of your applications.

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Data location Switzerland

With the aim of providing our customers with the greatest possible data protection, we host your infrastructure 100% in Switzerland and manage the application operation exclusively internally.

High Performance Datacenter

If you are a full-service customer, we host your infrastructure on our servers in the Zurich West data centre. The centre is ISO 27001 certified and has a comprehensive security concept.

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External safeguarding

We reliably secure your infrastructure, both physically and in terms of software, against external attacks, monitor your applications 24/7 on request and respond immediately in the event of an emergency.


We are certified according to ISO standard 27001 and ISO standard 9001 (information security and quality management) and thus guarantee you the highest reliability in terms of data security.

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Backup your applications

To ensure the security of your data, we take additional measures that also ensure rapid recovery in the event of damage.


Our hosting infrastructure is built redundantly to ensure an availability of >99.9 %. This means that our services remain accessible even in the event of component failure or maintenance work.

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Client separation

Each customer receives their own virtual environment and virtual network. All networks are protected all around by next-generation firewalls.

Comprehensive data backup

Our virtual machines are backed up daily. An additional copy is kept at a separate location, stored in a system based on a different technology and is read-only.

Fast recovery

Thanks to our protection strategies, we can restore your data at any time in the event of damage, such as a cyberattack using ransomware. Depending on your scenario, within ± 1h.

Our services

High Performance Datacenter

We host your infrastructure on our servers in the Green Datacenter Zurich West, the largest data hub in Switzerland.

Optimal location

Safety zone with low risk of exposure to natural disasters, industrial operations or traffic routes.

Strong building envelope

Construction from fire-retardant materials with up to 8 safety zones.

Video surveillance

General monitoring of the indoor and outdoor area. Own monitoring of the Metracon cage.

Safety sensors

24-h security through alarm systems for water, smoke and dust with automatic extinguishing system.

Controlled access

Access control via a biometric system and separation gates.

Security personnel

24/7 security by trained security staff.

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